40+ Most Creative Lehenga Jewellery Pairing Ideas for your Bridal lehenga

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40+ Stunning Bridal Lehenga Jewellery Combinations To Match All Lehenga Types & Colors

When it comes to choosing the perfect accessories for their lehenga, the millennial Indian brides won’t accept anything short of absolutely stunning. The lehenga jewellery game is no more about how heavy of a piece you put together with your bridal attire but rather about how it makes your style pop up and stand out. 

Yep! The modern brides are getting quite a bit adventurous and experimental with their exquisite ornaments to achieve the ultimate dreamy bridal look. And we can’t stop drooling over how meticulously they mix and match different embellishments in all sorts of hues, designs, and sizes to ace their lehenga game.

Apart from the conventional way of wearing jewelry set that matches with the overall lehenga design and colour, they have also come up with several witty ways to contrast and rock their gems. From matching their jewellery to the stonework or embroidery on their ghagra, to complementing their dupatta’s design with their neck piece, the brides never cease to stun us with their innovative style. 

Be it rocking a red and turquoise combination or exhibiting the bold contrast of pink lehenga and green jewellery, you’ll find them taking it a step further with the unlikeliest of concoctions. But surprisingly, these work so well together and you wouldn’t believe it until you actually saw the images.

So, if you are about to get hitched and wondering how to choose jewellery for your lehenga or what to wear with your lehenga, then worry not! Just scroll through and you’ll find loads of best and latest wedding lehenga jewellery combos to spice up your big day.

Contrasting Lehenga Jewellery Ideas 

1. Bright Red Lehenga With Emerald Green Jewellery

contrast green choker with red lehenga
Via Jaipur Diamonds

A dash of green on your red lehenga makes it stand out! Here, the bride has red and white polki gems on her choker necklace that match with the red  in her lehenga, while the green emralds offer the much-needed tanginess to her outfit. Moreover, look how well the heavy choker blends with her V-cut blouse. Note this down because red lehenga with green jewellery is the new flanged trend.

2. Contrasting Pista Green Lehenga With a Pop of Pink

contrast jewellery with pista green lehenga
Via Lenseziya Productions

If you were looking for some jewellery for your pista green lehenga, then here you go. Compliment your beautiful pista lehenga with a gold necklace having a pop of pink. The pink rubies really break the monotony of the otherwise plain pista lehenga. Moreover, notice how wise the bride was to choose muted gold as the jewellery base because it matches with the gorgeous gold sequin border of her lehenga dupatta.

3. Green Beaded Contrast Jewellery with Peach Lehenga

contrast cream color jewellery with peach lehenga
Via: Nitin Arora Photography

Pair up your pastel peach lehenga with an amalgamation of diamonds, emeralds and pearls. To emphasize the look, you can also add a beaded rani haar. Looks so royal, right? The bride here has added a dash of deep green to the jewelry set that makes the monochrome lehenga stand out. The shimmery gems of the jewellery compliment the equally shiny lehenga well enough.

4. Teal Lehenga With Uncut Diamonds

diamond choker necklace set with teal reception wear
Via: deepikasdeepclicks

Steal the show by teaming up your teal lehenga with a choker assembled with asymmetrical diamonds and pearls. Isn’t it a great jewellery idea for your reception? Add some layers for some extra elegance and style! Note the quick tip: Plain kundan or diamond jewellery can help play up your monochrome outfits extremely well.

5. The Refreshing Combination of Pink Jewellery with Yellow Lehenga

contrast pink neckpiece for your golden yellow lehenga
Via: Makeup Your Holy Grail

Yellow and pink are two very different colours but work great when paired together. Wear a necklace with hints of pink to spice up your yellow lehenga. Truly a heavenly look for your haldi ceremony! The bride has chosen a yellow gold jewellery base that goes in line with her yellow lehenga. You could do the same by wearing jewellery with the same base colour as the lehenga and making it pop with gems of a contrasting colour embedded in the jewellery and accessories.

6. Dual Toned White and Gold Jewellery with Pink Lehenga

contrast gold dulhan set with pink lehenga
Via: Shekhar Garg Photography

This look will never cease being legendary. Pink with a diamond-studded necklace and pearls – works like magic! Witty trick that takes a plain lehenga to an entirely different level.

7. Gold Jewellery Set For Rani Pink Lehenga

bridal pink lehenga with gold jewellery
Via: Hocusfocuscaptures

Team up your rani pink lehenga with a gold thusi haar and layer it with a long necklace. This will enhance the bubbliness of your attire. Gold and pink are so different colours yet pop up the look when worn together.

8. Gold Choker With a Touch of Green and Maroon with Red Lehenga

red bridal lehenga with gold jewellery
Via: Dark Cup Productions

Ditch the clichéd red lehenga with red jewellery and wear something unconventional! Red, green, and gold are all very royal tones. So, when you wear a gold necklace with touches of green and red to compliment your red lehenga, it will make you look nothing short of a royal princess. Also, the work on the lehenga matches well with the work on the choker. Matching the design of your necklace with the design on the lehenga is a cool trick to keep in mind!

9. Contrasting Pink Jewellery for Navy Blue Lehenga

pink jewellery for navy blue lehenga
Via: dollyouup_bys

The pink choker for lehenga is the much-needed pop to this otherwise blue monochromatic lehenga. Blue and pink are yet another perfect pair of contrasting colours that can never go wrong. 

10. Yellow Bridal Wear with Green Jewellery

green and gold choker set with yellow bridal wear
Via: Akshit Jaiswal Photography

Yellow banarasi saari with red border teamed up with green jewellery will give you a super edgy look. This not so cliché style can be upped by adding a hint of red in the jewellery. A bit contrasting yet so traditional, you get the best of both worlds with this style.

11. The Classic Pairing of Red & White

white and gold jewellery with red lehenga
Via: Vbhushan Adornments

Toss in a white beaded jadau necklace with your red lehenga and see the magic for yourself. Another combo that is sure to rock the show! Here, the bride has been witty enough to match her jewellery colour with the white circular designs throughout her lehenga.

12. Bright Contrast of Saffron & Green

contrast green bridal set with saffron lehenga
Via: Rashi Sehgal Official

Try wearing your saffron lehenga with green jewellery and here’s proof that it is bound to look stunning. Not many brides have thought of this yet, so here’s your chance. Moreover, the gold base of the bride’s ornaments is pairing up well with the deep saffron lehenga. Lastly, throwing in some hints of a contrasting colour to your monochrome lehenga can never go wrong. 

13. Red Lehenga With a Touch of Turquoise

contrast turquoise jewellery idea for red lehenga
Via: deepikasdeepclicks

You might have never thought of it but this turquoise lehenga jewellery set with red attire looks surprisingly refreshing! Can’t take your eyes off this look, can you? Neither can we! This gorgeous necklace embedded with uncut diamonds and turquoise crystals complements the red lehenga so well. 

14. Pink Lehenga With Green Jewellery

pink lehenga with green and gold jewellery
Via: Hriya Marfatia

Green goes along with a lot of colours and here’s proof! The bride has paired two heavy necklaces with green crystals with her pink attire. You have to agree that pink lehenga with green jewellery looks absolutely flawless! Also, the pearls in the neckpiece match the little elements of white throughout the lehenga. Keep in mind that matching elements of your jewellery with minute details of your outfit can give you that exquisite look!

15. Golden Lehenga With Multi-Colored Pastel Jewelry

multi-colored jewellery with golden lehenga

Toss in some colours to your golden hued white lehenga! Multiple hues and tones will make the lehenga livelier. Look how stunning this bride is looking with pink, green, and gold all thrown in together to ace her bridal wear. The jewellery and the outfit both use a lot of beads. A witty and detailed way to somewhat match your jewellery and lehenga! 

16. Cream Colored or Ivory Lehenga With Pastel Blue and Gold Accesories

gold jewellery set with white lehenga
Via: Antara Jewellery

The jewellery has small elements in green, pink, red and blue, that compliment the details of the lehenga in the same hues.

17. White Embroidered Lehenga With Emerald Green Jewelry

green jewellery with white ghagra
Via: Jasmine Beauty Care

A dazzling green necklace paired up with an embroidered white lehenga will have heads turning as you pass. The green in her neck piece pairs well with the green threadwork on the outfit.

18. Maroon Lehenga with Pista Green Jewellery

contrast turquoise jewellery with maroon lehenga
Via: Amiruparelia

This is one of the latest jewellery designs for lehenga. A rare combo for sure but let’s be true to ourselves, it’s absolutely breathtaking! Who would have thought that a golden necklace amalgamated with pista coloured stones with maroon lehenga will make for a stunning bridal look? Enhance the attire a bit further by tossing in a beaded nose ring. The gold hue of the jewellery pairs up perfectly with the muted gold work in the outfit.

19. Or Contrast Your Monochrome Outfit with Two Bright Colors

deep pink jewellery with plain pink sharara
Via: Makeup by Shubhdeep Gill

Level up your baby pink lehenga with not one but two contrasting colours. A minakari necklace with maroon and green jewels works really well with a light pink attire. The striking colours green and maroon enhance this monochrome plain lehenga.

20. Maroon Lehenga With White and Gold Dual Toned Jewellery

matching gold lehenga accessories with maroon lehenga
Via: Omsons Bridal Store

Looking for jewellery for maroon lehenga? This set of diamond and pearl necklace when teamed up with your maroon lehenga will make you look like a real queen. Remember to layer your necklaces for an added royal feel.

21. Red Lehenga With Deep Green and Gold Jewellery

red lehenga with deep green and gold jewellery
Via: Shaifali Nagpalmua

Aadh haar with a long multi-beaded deep green necklace is going really well with a classic red lehenga in this lehenga jewellery image. The heavy jewellery adds a lot more to the overall look. Wondering how to accessorize a lehenga? Well, this is how! Heavy jewellery for a lehenga with a lot of work is a classic combo. But, you can add a twist with some contrasting colours like green here.

Matching Jewellery for Lehenga Ideas

22. Matching Gold Jewellery for Maroon Lehenga with Gold Details

maroon bridal lehenga with gold jewellery
Via: Tanishq Fotovision Prashansa

This will never go out of style! Bridal lehenga with gold jewellery is a traditional match that can immediately set the bride apart from the crowd. Notice that the lehenga has gold work all over that matches with the gold-hued jewellery.

23. Traditional South Indian Bridal Look

gold dulhan set with south indian bridal wear
Via: Nandagopal

Here’s the evergreen traditional look of a South Indian bride. An otherwise simple outfit upped with a choker, coin necklace, and all sorts of other necklaces with a golden hue will make you look like a deity. The muted golden hue of the jewellery ensemble compliments the saree’s gold undertone.

24. Pastel Pink Sharara With Jewellery Matching its Border

gold and turquoise jewellery with pink sharara
Via: Makeup by Shubhdeep Gill

Ditch the cliched all matching jewellery with sharara and try matching your ornaments to your dupatta’s border. Here the golden layers of necklaces with a tint of turquoise match the little bit of turquoise in the dupatta’s border. It takes away the monotony of a monochrome sharara and gives you a pretty distinct look.

25. Cool Blue Lehenga With Matching Jewellery

matching blue jewellery set with blue sharara
Via: deepikasdeepclicks

Another trick is wearing jewellery with elements of the same colour family as that of the lehenga but in a darker hue! This beautiful bride has paired up her blue lehenga with a jadau necklace having elements of a darker shade of blue in it. The tiny white beads emit the same mood as that of the light blue sharara. Also, the golden work all over the sharara matches with the gold undertone of the bride’s jewellery. Indeed a refreshing and striking look!

26. Peach Lehenga With Necklace Matching Other Colors of the Outfit

matching jewellery for peach lehenga
Via: Makeup By Shubhdeep Gill

Here, the bride has put on some matching jewellery with peach lehenga. The lehenga has minute details in green, so she has worn a guluband necklace with green and white stones. The lehenga also has minute shiny details that compliment the white shimmery stones on her jewellery. An ultra-modern and refreshing look that hasn’t been rocked by many brides yet!

27. Maroon Bridal Outfit With Jewellery Matching its Dupatta

matching jewellery for maroon wedding lehenga
Via: Unita & Nikhil Wedding

The gold-toned ornaments bejewelled with green gems match perfectly with the green border of the bride’s dupatta. The lehenga also has details in gold that match perfectly with the gold in the jewellery. This is indeed a subtle way to match your lehenga and jewellery. If you are looking for a contrast, then keep in mind that maroon lehenga with green jewellery looks flawless.

28. Matching Jewellery to the Work on Dupatta

matching diamond jewellery set with red bridal lehenga
Via: Hriya Marfatia

The bride here is draped in jewels from head to toe. The lehenga has several stones embedded as well and that seconds her heavy jewellery embedded with stones. The diamonds and gems in the outfit and jewellery give her a very royal look.

29. Matching Blue Jewellery for Blue Lehenga

matching blue jewellery with blue lehenga
Via: deepikasdeepclicks

Jewellery and lehenga with the same hue will never fail. Look how enchanting this bride is looking in her deep blue bridal attire teamed up with her sea-green jewels. Both the lehenga and the matching jewellery are studded with stones throughout. Another way to match your bridal set with your attire.

30. Jewellery Matching with the Work on Lehenga

matching diamond jewellery with maroon lehenga

Here, the maroon lehenga has a lot of intricate work and details. So the bride has tossed in a statement heavy piece that matches the work on her lehenga. The gold undertone of the jewellery matches with the lehenga’s gold work throughout and especially with that of the dupatta lining. Moreover, the bling of the stones blends well with the white shimmer every here and there in the lehenga.

31. Green Lehenga with Diamonds hiding a Touch of Green

matching diamond jewellery with green lehenga
Via: deepikasdeepclicks

How godly this bride in green looks with her diamond choker necklace. The diamonds second the sparkly details in the lehenga too. Pay a bit of attention and notice how meticulously the green is positioned right at the centre of the necklace and the earrings too. This is sure to make people stop and stare at you for a while.

32. Monochrome Sky Blue Lehenga with Plain Kundans

simple jewellery idea for blue lehenga
Via: deepikasdeepclicks

Diamonds and transparent crystals work well with every monochromatic outfit. The bride here has hints of silver in her dress that match with her diamond (polki) necklace. Simple jewellery for lehenga too can elevate your overall look. So, don’t always go for heavy jewels to look striking.

33. Gold Jewellery With Red Bridal Lehenga Having Gold Tones

matching gold jewellery for maroon lehenga
Via: TJ Makeovers

Rather than matching your red lehenga with red jewellery, try matching your ornaments with the other colours present in your attire. Bridal lehenga with gold ornaments is a classic look that will never fade away. Moreover, the multi-layered necklaces are a great piece of jewellery for boat neck lehengas.

34. Pink Lehenga With Dark-Hued Stones of the Same Color Family

matching lehenga jewellery with pastel pink lehenga for wedding
Via Makeover By Indu

Notice how the lehenga and the jewellery’s tones belong to the same colour pallete. However, the ornaments have a darker hue, that is, maroon, and the lehenga is of baby pink colour. Isn’t it so pleasing to the eyes? You can experiment this with other colours as well. Such a great idea indeed for jewellery with pink lehenga.

35. Matching Jewellery for Pink Lehenga

matching pink lehenga jewellery image
Via: Makeup By Jasp

Here, the soft pink shade of the bridal lehenga exactly matches with the beaded pink meenakari neck piece. Conventional yet pleasing, right? Moreover, other elements of the jewellery, like the choker, maang tika, etc. also have shades of pink. All of this combines to give the bride an enchanting look. Plus the gold base of jewelry matches with the gold border on her dupatta.

36. Pearl Studded Jewellery for Bottle Green Lehenga

matching green jewellery with green lehenga
Via: Studio Kelly Photography

Another option you could go for is matching the tones of your lehenga to the hues of some elements of your accessories. This white rani haar has green and maroon beads that match perfectly with the hue of the lehenga. Perfect trick that you need to remember while picking jewellery for your green bridal wear!

37. Or Match your Jewellery to the Color of Stones on the Outfit

matching ornaments with peach lehenga
Via: Mohanlal Narayandas Jewellers

A pastel pink lehenga with tiny green stones matched with a white neckpiece having the same green stones. Both the accessories and the lehenga are overfilled with tones of green, gold, and white. Such an edgy and not so cliched look!

38. Pastel Lehenga with Diamonds or White Stones

matching diamond necklace with grey lehenga
Via: Hocusfocuscaptures

If you are wearing a lehenga with pastel undertones, then diamonds will work pretty well along with matching earrings. The lehenga here is embellished with stones that match with the diamond necklace and further enhance the look.

39. Multi-coloured Lehenga With Multi-Colored Jewellery

multi-colored choker with pink lehenga
Via: Rashi Sehgal Official

Look how perfectly this bride is rocking her modern lehenga with so many colours. There’s a lot going on in that outfit. It has pink, orange, green, yellow, etc. To match with the colourful attire, the bride has put on a choker with the same coloured tones. Actually, this is a stylish piece of jewellery for crop top lehenga in general.

40. Wine Colored Lehenga With Pearls and Diamonds

heavy matching jewellery for wine color lehenga
Via: The Wedding Story – Hana S Khan

Maroon is a jewel-tone colour. The bride here looks so royal in her heavy jewellery on a wine-coloured lehenga with a lot of intricate work on it. Diamonds and pearls with a little bit of maroon are blending really well with this wine colour lehenga. Moreover, the white gems of the jewellery compliment the little stones on the outfit very well.

41. Gold Toned Ghagra With Layered Gold & White Jewellery

matching neckpiece for gold-toned grey lehenga
Via: Makeover by Indu

This lehenga has Kundan patchwork all over her dupatta and so, the bride has picked up a pearl beaded sath lada haar with golden kundan pendants. The heavy long necklace goes perfectly with the entire look, while the pearl kundan choker and nose ring completes the gorgoeous bride’s wedding attire!

These are some of the most trending jewellery ideas to match or contrast with your bridal lehenga of different colors. Let us know which lehenga jewellery combination are you gonna try, in the comments section below!

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