30+ Latest Lehenga Latkan Design Ideas to Save for Your Bridal Lehenga!

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30+ Latest Lehenga Latkan Designs To Oomph Up Your Bridal Look!

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, so naturally, it is often ruled by anxious brides wanting everything to be perfect. Plus today’s Instagram and Pinterest hogging generation eats up any popular surfacing story; and even you would want to be a trendsetter. But if you don’t want to risk it, try experimenting with all the little details like your bridal lehenga latkan design.

From trendy couple hashtags and quirky motifs to traditional tassels and beadwork, you can get some elegant latkans customized to your choice to ensure that all eyes are set only on you. You can play around with different styles and elements like unique monument motifs, gotta work, dreamcatchers, patches, or pom-poms. That is to say, any bridal attire is incomplete without emblazoning your pretty wedding lehenga, dupatta or blouse with some fancy or stylish latkans.

These days our millennial brides are going one step further and getting names, marriage dates, sassy quotes, pun-induced inscriptions etc. embroidered in their lehenga latkan design to give it a more personal touch. Imagine seeing this accessory after years and reminiscing your favorite memories! Firstly, there really is no limit to experimenting, and secondly, you can explore your creative side to make your wedding even more fun and memorable.

So, here we have compiled more than 30 latest latkan design ideas for your ease. Get inspired by our trendy suggestions and slay your wedding party like a diva.

1. Fancy Latkans with Bride and Bridegroom Puppet Motifs

Handmade puppet latkan design ideas
Via: _krafterina_

Let’s start with the best! The red and golden bangles coordinated with vibrant pink pom-poms and puppet-like motifs are giving us all the traditional Rajasthani vibes. By adding in, the couple names and pretty rose gold beads to her customized latkan for lehenga, this bride sure knows how to win hearts!

Puppet Lehenga Latkan
Via: _krafterina_

This bride contrasted her red lehenga skirt with baby pink and red latkan featuring two adorable dulha – dulhan puppets. Moreover, as it is light on the eyes, this makes for a perfect latkan design for a Mehendi function and can be paired perfecty with your beautiful floral accessories.

Gota patti doris with mirror latkan
Via: AIM

Another bride spotted experimenting with the puppets. These puppets are carved out of wood and hand-painted along with gota doris and beaded hangings, preserving the traditional Indian handicraft. The mirrors and puppets are the highlighting element of this handmade latkan for lehenga.

2. Fabric Latkan for Jiju Ki Saali and Dulhan ki Nanad

Lehenga latkan design for saalis
Via: Archana Rautela

Who said latkans are only reserved for the bride? This Saali-to-be is rocking peacock green heavily embellished thread and lacework potli latkan. Most importantly when paired with a simple lehenga, this heavy accessory is adding the pop of colour to the look. The matching coloured embroidered patches with customised lettering doesn’t stay far from the eyes either!

Royal green fabric latkan
Via: Anshi Creations

Or you can go simple with this lehenga latkan design.

Matching colour, golden beaded “Dulhan ki Nanad” latkan with floral design lehenga for a subtly elegant look.

3. Yellow & Orange No Hassle Lehenga Tassels!

yellow and orange tasseled bridal latkan
Via: Summer by Priyanka Gupta

The most effortless yet elegant lehenga latkan design goes to tassels! Never out of trend, minimal and chic way to get everyone’s attention. Pair it with a contrasting lehenga like this bride or match it with some heavy work chaniya choli for balance. This simple design can also be played out with bridesmaid’s outfits, Haldi and Mehendi rasam and even your Reception. Wear it dangling from your waist, lehenga blouse or choli to complete the look.

4. Quirky Metal Cages and Kites with Gotta Lace for Bindass Brides!

Vibrant yellow heavy latkan design for lehenga
Via: Dream Knot

How about a little razzle-dazzle with this customised latkan for lehenga? The bright pink kite design with couple hashtag is so unique and contrasting perfectly with the yellow lehenga – a great choice for your haldi ceremony. Notice the craftsmanship and creative mind of pairing sky blue roses, a copper cage and little ghungroos (ankle bells) together! Another vibrant option for your haldi or Mehendi event! Who could have thought that? Makes us wish that we were the ones wearing this incredible latkan.

5. Contrasting “Sundari” Pink Potli Style Cloth Latkan with a Monochrome Blue Outfit

Contrasting and minimal pink potli latkan
Via: Omega Productions

Sundari indeed! Keeping it simple with a bright contrast of sky blue outfit and peppy pink latkan (which is turning out to be a popular contrast) with laced silver borders. This potli style silk fabric latkan design adds a little pop of color to the otherwise monochrome blue outfit, while simultaneously maintaining the easy theme. You can also add a bit of flair by playing with the same color combination in your lehenga jewellery.

6. Customized Bright Pink Silk Latkan for the Pun-ny Bride!

Bright pink quote latkan
Via: Little Big Weddings

Who doesn’t love a good pun here and there, but this bride made sure to make her wedding pun-ny. Contrast seems to be the new hype nowadays and we are loving the bright pink unconventional quote inscribed latkan is complementing the bride’s traditional lehenga and bangles, are you?

7. Latkan for Ghagra with Colourful Flowers

White and pink floral latkan
Via: Flosaira

Flowers add the cheery and happy vibes to any occasion, and you can never go wrong with them! In addition to carrying an oomph factor in hand (literally!), this bride is flaunting her pastel pink lehenga with a touch of flowers and feathers attached from her bangles, paired with matching floral jewellery. You can accommodate this style screaming floral latkan with any lehenga and for any time of the day!

8. Velvet Handmade Latkan for Lehenga

Maroon velvet lehenga latkan

Another lovely handmade velvet maroon latkan with tassles to contrast with a cyan and yellow lehenga, that you can even diy at home. Above all, Velvet fabric has been admired as a royal fabric for generations. Not only the latkan goes smoothly with a simplistic Mehendi attire, but it can also be worn with your main outfit for the wedding owing to its luxurious feel.

9. Sequin Accented Pastel Green and Pink Lehenga Latkan with Name

Meanwhile, some of us might be bored of the usual tassels, pom-poms and lace. If so, go for some dazzling sequined lehenga latkans glittered with shiny charms and floral accessories for that bold and boho mehendi look. For example, this bride paired her bespoke star-shaped latkans in matching lime green and Fuschia pink hues of her lehenga choli.

10. Simple Rose Gold Pom-Pom Latkan

A fast-moving society has no time for fuss. As a result, being minimal is now considered modern. Take this simple rose gold lehenga latkan design with matching pom-poms for example. Super elegant and classy.

11. Lehenga Latkan Design for Minimal Bride- Keeping it Contemporary!

mirror embedded sky blue lehenga latkan
Via: Anjana Bohra

Minimalists like it light and simple but that doesn’t mean you cannot play with colours, fabric and style. Therefore, we present a fusion bride with minimal accessories. This bride has accompanied her pastel blue Chikankari lehenga with a mirror embedded cloth latkan and statement blouse.

Latkans in a combination of pastel hues for this sweet photoshoot looks perfectly compatible with the bridegroom’s attire. In other words, we cannot help but swoon over this lehenga latkan design!

12. Heavy Mirror Latkan Design for Lehenga

Contrasting pink and yellow mirror latkan design
Via: Instacrafts Jaipur

Some might consider mirrors to be overrated but we don’t. When paired with the right outfit, mirrors can bring that touch of glamour and vibrance. The bride is consistent with her theme of mirror and florals as seen in her vivid yellow lehenga, this would be the most obvious choice for a haldi rasam but not limited to it. In conclusion, mirrors work with almost every outfit, be it heavy or lightly worked.

13. Classic Red and Golden Customized Lehenga Latkan for Skirt

Red and gold hues are the traditional colours of a North Indian wedding. Although people nowadays are trying new colours, one can never go wrong with old-school charm. They are quite a weight but then again, all Indian weddings are meant to be over the top and regal.

14. Lehenga Latkan Design with Couple Logo or Initials Embroidery

Another bright addition is this golden latkan with names and mirror embellishments, beads and various other assorted shapes. Isn’t the latkan adding glamour to this beautiful sunshine-yellow lehenga choli?

name latkan with different shapes
Via: Wedding Trends Photography and Maksim Clothing

Don’t want your full name taking up all the space in your latkan? You can also try creating a creative logo out of your initials like this gold beaded couple’s logo latkan.

Matching lilac couple initial latkan design
Via: Happy Frames

Or you can simply use an embroidered piece like this initial-only orchid coloured latkan.

15. Unique Lehenga Latkan Design Ideas: Because Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

If you want something light and simple for your latkan design, then try experimenting with different shapes and sizes. One can also add some fun elements like tassels, mirrors, pom-poms, cloth balls etc.

Dulhan Latkans comes in all shapes and sizes, from hearts and diamonds to rectangles, squares, teardrops and even hexagons!

Classic red heart lehenga latkan
Via: _krafterina_
Via: Scintilight Creations
Contrasting pink and green latkan design
Via: Jodi Clickers
Rectangle shaped lehenga latkan design
Via: Studio Kelly Photography
Square shaped black and gold latkan design
Via: Jayjoshi Photography
Colourful hexagon shape lehenga latkan
Via: Kalki Fashion

16. Bridal Lehenga Latkan with Dates to Remember!

In addition to personalizing your wedding with custom outfits, you can also create a memoir out of your latkans by getting your wedding date embroidered on them. Subsequently making this an heirloom or something to reminisce on your anniversaries. This trend is widely gaining attention since brides across India want to add personalized touch to their outfits besides writing their partner’s name on Mehendi.

Potli style lehenga latkan
Via: theweddingstorieslhr
Wedding date embroidered lehenga latkan
Via: Movieing Moments

17. Mix and Match Latkan Design- Create Your Own Distinct Patterns!

There is no rule when it comes to how you want your latkans to be, patterned, mix-match or even something random. One can colour contrast in the latkan itself, for example, this with white and red Hindi lettering.

Elegant contrasting colour latkan design
Via: Mansi Siddhpura Photography

Or, you can create a pattern out of different shapes like a rectangle or square with circles.

Mixed pattern latkan design
Via: Bend the Trend
Classic red and gold cloth latkan
Via: Jayjoshi Photography

18. Spot the Latkan: Matching Latkan with Your Lehenga Color

As opposed to contrast, some may want to match. Therefore, if you want your lehenga to be the sole centre of attention and don’t want any extravagant detail to catch all the eyes, you may opt for matching latkan designs like these below.

peacock green latkan design
Via: The DewDrop Project
Matching coloured lehenga latkan
Via: Anusoru
Name and date embroidered latkan for saali
Via: Happy Frames

Because they are less fancy and more simple, they do the job to spruce up the outfit as expected.

We had a lot of fun curating this vibrant and colorful lehenga latkan design list for your comfort. Now, you can stop stressing out and enjoy your bridal pampering sessions instead. In conclusion, we are hoping this helped you in finding your dream latkan style!

P.S. Can you guess how many times you spotted a blue and pink contrast? Tell us in the comments below.

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